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HMS Surprise - The book

Found this recently while surfing. ;D A book will soon be out about Jack Aubrey's favourite ship, HMS Surprise

pickabo has a more detailed description. Unfortunately I have not yet found anything on, so anyone who is interested must keep on the lookout.

I'm thrilled about Brian Lavery and Geoff Hunt teaming up as authors and liked this bit from pickabo:

Brian Lavery not only reveals the complete career history and commentary of HMS Surprise in both its guises, but also presents an all-embracing construction history of the Fifth Rate including some 50 line drawings as well as historical artworks and detailed photographs together with stills and model shots from the ship used in the film "Master & Commander: the Far Side of the World". The book is presented in full colour throughout and additionally includes a series of specially-commissioned sketches and paintings by co-author Geoff Hunt RSMA, the acclaimed artist of the Patrick O'Brian cover artworks and related prints.Geoff Hunt also contributes a most illuminating chapter on his experiences in, and challenges faced, when illustrating this ship.


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