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"The Frigate Surprise" is out

The Frigate Surprise, the Complete Story of the Ship Made Famous in the Novels of Patrick O'Brian
which at the moment is only out in the UK. It will be published in the US in spring 2009

The book is larger than A4 and it does an AoS fangirl's heart good. The cover is a new Hunt painting showing HMS Surprise flying her kites.

It contains (I think) all the paintings Geoff Hunt ever did of HMS Surprise, plus numerous photos of Victory, Endeavour and Constitution to illustrate a point in ship design, rigging and building. Yes, there are also a few photos of the film. :D

Geoff Hunt has a chapter to himself in which he speaks of constructing the frigate by taking us through the covers of the Aubreyad. There is O'Brian's first sketch of her layout, and a short note from him to Mr Hunt about something he would have liked to see on the cover of TGS, and he speaks of the Nutmeg of Consolation

I was thrilled to read that Lavery and Hunt had been named as consulted historians for the movie. What an excuse to see the movie again, this time to read the credits to the end (which I never did).

Can't you tell I adore the book?

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