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The Patrick O'Brian Weekend in Portsmouth

Got 625 GBP + accomodation + travel arrangements to spare?

March, Friday, 11th to Sunday 13th

Lectures will be on Patrick O'Brian (Count Tolstoy),The Nelsonian Naval Surgeon at Work Age (Mick Crumplin), The Forgotten Heroes: The Royal Marines in the Age of Nelson and Illustrating Naval History (Geoff Hunt).


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ETA:Someone on my flist:
...emailed the organiser to ask if it would be possible to attend the one lecture for a rather reduced fee. I opened my emails earlier this evening to find this message:

"That is no problem at all, we have others doing similar things, and have priced these at £50.

I would be happy for this to cover the tour on Sunday morning, coffee and the first lecture, if that is what you had in mind."

Which is the sort of price I was considering for just the lecture.
Would that not be an option for you. You would only have to mail them. :D
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