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A community celebrating the work and inspiration of Patrick O'Brian.

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Welcome to O'Brian's Navy! This community has been created as a livejournal location where fans of the Patrick O'Brian writings, particularly the Aubrey/Maturin series, can come together and enjoy any of the following:
~ Meeting other O'Brian fans.
~ Discussing the life of Patrick O'Brian.
~ Discussing O'Brian's writing.
~ Discussing Nelson's Navy, the technical aspects of sailing tall ships, and the lifestyle of officers and other crew aboard such vessels.
~ Sharing and inviting comments on images, art, and music inspired by O'Brian's writings.
~ Sharing and inviting comments on fictional "fan" writings based on O'Brian's characters and/or written in his style.
~ Discussing the theatrical release of Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World

Community Guidelines... without reading you the entire Articles Of War. ;-)
1 - Create your community posts or reply to posts in the community with comments regarding the items listed above. Anything beyond Patrick O'Brian, O'Brian's writings, or Nelson's Navy will be considered beyond the scope of the community discussion. Discussion of the film is welcome, but please keep it focused on the plot and characters.
2 - Be courteous and respectful of each other by posting observations and opinions without personal attacks or slander.
3 - Please use the lj-cut tags around posts that include fan fiction or would cause one to need to scroll beyond the average browser window capacity. If you need assistance with using the tags, be sure to refer to this helpful easy-to-read livejournal user tags guide.
4 - If any fan fiction or art that you care to share goes beyond what O'Brian would normally include in terms of language, violent, and sexual content, please place the following warning in your post:
[Style extends outside of O'Brian's canon in terms of censor-sensitive content.]
For U.S. fans, this would be equivalent to going beyond a comparable film rating of PG-13 or R as O'Brian's work seems to fall in that range for censorship.

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